How often do you clean your home? Residential cleaning is more difficult than it seems. For the basics, you will be needing a vacuum cleaner, some buckets, mops and dusters, cleaning solvents and a good quality stepladder.

You need an all-inclusive cleaning kit to save your time that may be wasted looking for products and tools every single time. You will have to do some research on the best-quality solvents and chemicals, or even non-chemical products since there are various types of customers with different preferences.

Residential cleaners can help you with everything from vacuuming and dusting to mopping floors and polishing furniture and mirrors.

What Do You Need for Proper Residential Cleaning? The Top 15 Things

  • A double pail bucket for carrying all your supplies.
  • A good quality disinfectant cleaner (in bulk).
  • A high-quality ph neutral floor cleaner as most people are afraid that their fixtures might be harmed. This is the most suitable one to use.
  • Glass cleaner and scum remover.
  • You can use light duty scrub pads and microfiber scrub pads when it comes to cleaning the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Grout brushes for bathroom and plastic scrapers remove dirt from counters or floors.
  • A cleaning apron necessarily for the person doing the job.
  • You can use clothes differently depending on your needs. For instance, you can use waffle cloths in tubs, dusting cloths. Or, you can use glass cloths when cleaning the kitchen. You can use a toilet bowl brush like disposables. You don’t want to use the same brush for different houses, that’d be gross. It’s a good idea to buy a few of them together.
  • A pumice stone stick to clean and remove toilet bowl rings.
  • A microfiber mop, wet mop pads, and dust mop pads, you must never be short on these.
  • You can use dusters for general cleaning.
  • If you are looking to clean in-depth, we recommend wearing knee pads to protect the cleaners’ knees from injuries or strains.
  • Laundry bags to carry rags and pads. You need to separate your laundry to ensure that you don’t mix the two. Also, it’s a great idea to fold your laundry when done, to ensure it lasts longer.
  • Most importantly, disposable cleaning gloves. Nitrile gloves are the most widely used.

Please remember that this is a comprehensive list of all the supplies for house cleaning as a whole. All the supplies are further divided into the functions they perform and which part of the house (for example, kitchen, bathroom, floors et cetera) they will be used in for cleaning. Apart from that, these are the must-haves of a residential cleaning service business to provide the best of your services.

Happy cleaning!

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